Tools to Move Your Business Online

Moving your business online? Now is the time to adapt. Most of us are working from home now because of the Corona Virus but if you have only worked in person or in a brick and mortar shop prior to now its hard to know which programs and applications are good for your business. I recommend searching for what is best for your business to run smoothly as well as checking out the tools and programs I have listed below. Feel free to share your tools, programs and applications below in the comments so we can help each other succeed.  Here are some tools, programs and applications I have used the last four years to run my business:

– For Virtual Meetings Zoom is a great resource:

– For Client Relationship Management I recommend Dubsado:

-For a great text replacement I recommend using Slack (what do you all recommend?). I like slack because you can set office hours and mark yourself away so you aren’t inundated with messages when you aren’t working. It will also let you know what you missed when you were away. 😊

-Scheduling Social Media: Use Facebook Publishing tools for free scheduling. I have enjoyed using Later for Instagram for IICT (link: )

-Website platform recommendation: WordPress or Weebly-

Other Business Programs:

Quickbooks Online discounted subscription: If you signup through me ( I am a Quickbooks Online ProAdvisor) you will get 50% off for the life of your subscription so $7/mo for the life of the subscription for QBO Self-Employed, $20/mo for the Essential option with a lifetime subscription to QBO. I would bill you monthly.

OR- you can pay $6/mo for Self-employed (reverts to $15/mo after 12 months) or $28/mo (reverts to $40 a month after 12 months). With this setup you would be billed directly by QBO.

Contact me if you need to sign-up for a Discounted – Quickbooks Online Account

Feel free to add to the list in the comments. Let’s help each other succeed during this season. 😃

I am a participant in an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for me to earn fees by linking to affiliated sites.

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