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Kate Ashton Coaching

Integrative Life Coaching

Coaching helps men and women to realize and then obtain their fullest potential in every aspect of their lives.

As an Integrative Coach, I partner with my clients to examine every part of the clients life and encourage them to establish growth in each area of their life.

When the client integrates, they are able to attain new possibilities, make decisions instead of reactions, reach new levels of fulfillment, self-awareness, and greatness for their entire life.

I have always been drawn to helping people reach their full potential, seeing people excited about their life’s passion and listening to others. After exploring Art, social work, family and community services I didn’t quite find the right fit. It wasn’t until I was able to start training as a coach that I realized how much I could help others when I partnered with them through coaching!

Why coaching? Because no other field I have tried allows the client to reach their own YES or Ah HA through entrusting them with self-awareness, trusting their own knowledge and embracing who they are so that they can grow into their authentic, amazing, self.

The wonderful thing about coaching is that when you work on one part of your life you affect the others.

Coaching truly is an amazing temporary investment that has lifelong results.

Discover the difference in your complimentary coaching session by clicking the buttons above. During our session together we’ll delve into a matter you would like some assistance with. You’ll come out of the session with more self-awareness, steps you can take, momentum to keep moving towards your goal and accountability for those goals.

Coaching isn’t Counseling or Consulting. Coaching has the potential to help you develop areas in your life you want to improve (relational, socially, recreational, spiritually, in your career and health) by a partnership. Discover and grow your strengths and expand your potential with Coaching. Coaching helps the client remove stumbling blocks and achieve success but do not diagnose, treat emotional or mental illnesses or treat physical illnesses.

“Integrative Coaching is a results based approach that develops skills and deeper wisdom’s within the client and the coach.”  
– Laurel Elders, Founder & Director of Institute for Integrative Coach Training

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