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Who I Support

Laurel Elders, PCC, CEC

Founder of The Institute of Integrative Coach Training

Coaches leave the world empowered one life, one work place and one leader at a time. We are deeply inspired by the power of human potential that coaching is tapping into. We offer ICF Accredited Coach Training that leverages your life’s work through the power of coaching.

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Laura McKaughan

Envirolutions Consulting specializes in sustainability and Zero Waste. Our projects include waste characterizations, commercial and multifamily dwelling technical assistance, outreach and education, analysis, and reporting. Clients include private industry, government, and nonprofits.

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Tabitha Danloe

As a Life, Business & Leadership Coach, I help men and women all over the world to conquer fear, to let go and trust, and to embrace being courageously authentic. I offer a complimentary 60 minute Coaching session as a gift to explore the power of Coaching for yourself and to see how Coaching can help you up-level, whether it be in your life, your business, or as a leader. To schedule your complimentary Coaching session, or to ask me some questions, you can contact me at

Contact Tabitha here:

(520) 409-2988

Dr. Kristen Truman-Allen

Kristen Truman-Allen PhD, RN, PCC is on a mission to ensure that every leader and the people that they serve, live a fully engaged and integrated whole life. Kristen is the owner of Pulp Leadership Coaching for 14 years. With a doctorate in Human Development focused on professional coaching, Kristen uses metaphor and physical experiences in her coaching of teams and individuals to help create powerful personal growth.

She brings her experiences as a Health Care administrator, Emergency nurse, Outward Bound expeditionary learning instructor and Organization Development professional into her coaching. Her focus is on empowering leaders and artists of all ages toward greater satisfaction, achievement and contribution.

Contact Dr. Kristen Truman-Allen here:

Stephanie Rising

Stephanie Rising has helped over 100 small business owners achieve greater profitability (and sanity). She relieves them of the isolation that often comes from bearing complex responsibilities, and empowers them to be authentic leaders. Stephanie provides the objectivity, accountability, and collaboration that have led many of her clients to award-winning achievement. She specializes in behavioral analysis; strategic planning; performance benchmarking; and employee alignment. Her book, DISC: Leverage Your Nature, Increase Your Sales, outlines practical, methodical marketing advice specific to each behavioral type. Her podcast, Small Biz, Big Voices, celebrates the stories and impact of small business owners. Stephanie is the recipient of a BBB Torch Award for Ethics.

Contact Stephanie here:

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